ASCO Services Terms and Conditions of Sale

These terms and conditions of sale apply to parts
ordered and fulfilled by this web site.

1. Contract Terms. These Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale (ďConditions of SaleĒ) shall apply to any purchase or procurement of Products or Services by the legal entity procuring such Products or Services (ďPurchaserĒ) from the legal entity (ASCO Power Technologies, L.P. or ASCO Power Services, Inc.) that provided the proposal or is selling the Products and Services (ďSellerĒ). To the extent that there is a conflict between these Conditions of Sale and a valid signed master agreement between the Purchaser and Seller, the specific conflicting terms of the master agreement shall prevail. To the extent that there is a conflict between these Conditions of Sale and another set of Seller terms and conditions issued to the Purchaser as part of the proposal or quotation process, the specific conflicting terms of the proposal or quotation document shall prevail. Any other variation from these Conditions of Sale shall require the signed consent of an authorized Seller representative and these terms and conditions supersede any prior or contemporaneous agreements or correspondence between the parties except as provided above. Sellerís acceptance of Purchaserís purchase order is expressly conditional on Purchaserís assent to all of Sellerís Conditions of Sale, and Purchaser specifically acknowledges and agrees that any purchase order issued by Purchaser shall operate only to establish payment authority for Purchaserís internal accounting purposes. Any such purchase order issued by Purchaser shall not be considered as a counteroffer, addition, amendment, modification or other revision these Conditions of Sale, and any terms or conditions contained in Purchaserís purchase order shall be of no force and effect. Purchaserís acceptance of the Products or Services will manifest Purchaserís assent to these Conditions of Sale.

2. Prices. Unless otherwise stated in an applicable quotation or proposal, the price quoted or specified by Seller for the Products or Services shall remain in effect for thirty (30) days after the date of Seller's quotation provided an unconditional authorization from Purchaser for the shipment of the Product and/or performance of the Services is received and accepted by Seller within such time period. If such authorization is not received by Seller within such thirty (30) day period, Seller shall have the right to change the price for the Products and/or Services to Seller's price for the at the time of shipment of the Product and/or performance of the Services. All clerical errors are subject to correction. Services Terms: Additional charges will be billed to Purchaser at Sellerís then prevailing labor rates for any of the following: (a) any Services not specified in Sellerís quotation, Sellerís order acknowledgement, Sellerís scope of work, or other documents referenced herein and therein; (b) any Services performed at times other than Sellerís normal service hours; (c) if timely and reasonable site and/or equipment access is denied the Seller service representative; (d) if it is necessary, due to local circumstances, to use union labor or hire an outside contractor, Seller Service personnel will provide supervision only and the cost of such union or contract labor will be charged to Purchaser; (e) if Service or repair is necessary to return equipment to proper operating condition as a result of other than Seller (i) maintenance, repair, or modification (including, without limitation, changes in specifications or incorporation of attachments or other features), (ii) misuse or neglect, (including, without limitation, failure to maintain facilities and equipment in a reasonable manner), (iii) failure to operate equipment in accordance with applicable specifications, and (iv) catastrophe, accident, or other causes external to equipment; (f) Sellerís performance is made more burdensome or costly as a result of Purchaserís failure to comply with its obligations herein; or (g) any additional obligations or requirements, including but not limited to those related to insurance requirements, service delivery, building entry, or technical training. Seller is under no obligation to remove or dispose of parts or equipment unless specifically agreed upon in Sellerís scope of work. Seller removed parts become the property of Seller. Purchaser shall not solicit, directly or indirectly, or employ any employee of Seller during the period any Services are being provided to Purchaser and for a period of one (1) year after the last provision of Services.

3. Taxes. Unless otherwise set out in Sellerís proposal or quotation, prices do not include taxes, duties or any other governmental levies, all of which are payable by Purchaser. Except as may be otherwise provided in the relevant Purchase Order, the price excludes all present or future sales taxes, revenue or excise taxes, value-added taxes, import and export duties and any other taxes, surcharges or duties now existing or hereafter imposed by governmental authorities upon equipment and/or services quoted by Seller. The Purchaser shall be responsible for all such taxes, duties and charges resulting from these Conditions of Sale or any associated purchase. Seller is required to impose taxes on orders and shall invoice the Purchaser for such taxes and/or fees according to applicable law, statutes, or regulations, unless Purchaser furnishes the Seller at the time of order with a properly completed exemption certificate(s) acceptable to the authorities imposing the tax or fees. Any changes in foreign exchange rates, sales taxes, customs tariffs or other taxes shall be chargeable to the Purchaser.

4. Terms of Payment. Terms are net 30 days from date of invoice. Late payments will be subject to interest charges at the rate of two percent (2%) per month. If at Purchaserís request, shipments are delayed beyond the scheduled date, payments for the Products and Services completed to date will be invoiced to the Purchaser, as a percentage of the total Purchase Order price when Seller was originally prepared to ship. Products held for the Purchaser shall be at the risk and expense of the Purchaser. If shipment of Products and/or completion of Services is delayed more than 30 days after originally scheduled delivery date and not caused solely by Seller, Seller reserves the right to ship all Products to the Purchaser who will accept responsibility for Products including payment. Failure to pay any applicable payment on its due date shall automatically cause all installment amounts to become payable and in addition to Sellerís other lawful remedies, Seller reserves the right to suspend or cancel the PO. If Purchaser fails to pay Seller for the Products and Services, Seller reserves the right to file in its sole discretion any liens, charges, security interests, or similar encumbrances against the applicable property, building, land, or Products and Services and Purchaser consents to such filings and registrations. Purchaser shall be liable for all expenses, including attorneys' fees, relating to the collection of past due amounts.

5. Delivery and Schedule. While Seller will use all reasonable commercial efforts to maintain the delivery date(s) and/or performance dates acknowledged or quoted by Seller, all shipping dates and/or performance dates are approximate and not guaranteed.

6. Risk of loss. Unless otherwise specifically agreed by the Parties, the Products are delivered FCA Sellerís shipping point (Incoterms 2010) with Purchaser responsible for all official export formalities, authorizations, risks and expenses as may be applicable for export from the country of shipment, and title and risk of loss or damage shall pass to the Purchaser upon collection of the Products by the first carrier at Sellerís premises, plants or warehouses. Delivery of Products by Seller will be deemed to be made to the Purchaser upon obtaining a signed receipt from the carrier showing receipt of the Products in good order

7. Substitutions. Seller may furnish suitable substitutes for Products unobtainable because of priorities or regulations established by governmental authority or nonavailability of materials from suppliers, provided such substitutions do not adversely affect the technical soundness of the Products. Seller assumes no liability for deviation

8. Shortage. Claims for shortages or errors must be submitted to Seller within 30 days after invoice date, and failure to give such notice shall constitute unqualified acceptance and a waiver of all such claims by the Purchase

9. Installments. Seller reserves the right to make shipments in installments, unless otherwise expressly stipulated in a specific Purchase Order; and all such installments when separately invoiced shall be paid for when due per invoice without regard to subsequent shipments. Delay in shipment of any installment shall not relieve Purchaser of its obligation to accept remaining shipments.

10. Force Majeure. Seller will be excused from and not be liable for any non-performance of a Purchase Order if such delay or non- performance is due to any cause beyond the reasonable control of Seller, or which Seller could not reasonably foresee or reasonably provide against, and which prevents Seller from carrying out the terms of the Purchase Order. This includes but is not limited to the following: war, revolution, insurrection or hostilities (whether declared or not), riot, economic upheaval, civil commotion or uprising, flood, earthquake, tempest, hurricane, lightning or other natural disaster; fire or explosion; strike, lockout or other industrial disturbance whether at Seller or one of its suppliers; sabotage, accident, embargo, car shortage, wrecks or delays in transportation, non-delivery of materials or order or action of government authority. Any delay resulting from such cause shall extend the date of delivery accordingly. Seller reserves the right to cancel a Purchase Order, if in its opinion such circumstances threaten or cause extended delay in the performance thereof.

11. Standard Warranty. Seller warrants: (a) Products manufactured by Seller under its own brands and supplied by Seller as part of the Purchase Order, are subject to Seller's standard warranty that is applicable to the specific product at the time of purchase, and its terms, conditions and limitations are incorporated by reference herein (a ďStandard WarrantyĒ). (b) Services performed by Sellerís personnel as part of the Purchase Order, if any, will be performed by qualified personnel with care, skill and diligence, in accordance with the applicable generally accepted standards recognized by the industry, and shall be free from faulty workmanship for a period of thirty (30) days from completion of the Services. For Services that include a Modification, the warranty for such Modification shall be one (1) year from the date of shipment of such by Seller. A ďModificationĒ is integrating new controls and/or switchgear components into existing switchgear or upgrading an automatic transfer switch with new components or accessories. Exclusive Warranty Remedies: In the event of any warranty covered defects or deficiencies in Products in subsections (a) above, or Services in subs. (b) above, the sole and exclusive obligation of Seller shall be to re-perform the Services, or repair or replace the defective Products or part of the Products, at Sellerís sole discretion. Such warranty coverage is contingent on Purchaser providing prompt notification to Seller once such defect or deficiency is reasonably apparent to Purchaser. Exclusions & Limitations: This warranty shall not apply (a) to Products not manufactured by Seller, (b) Services not provided directly by Seller, (c) to Products or Services that has been repaired or altered by anyone other than Seller so as, in Sellerís judgment, affects the same adversely, (d) Sellerís conformance with Buyerís design of the Products or Software; or (e) to Products or Services that appear to be subjected to negligence, accident, or damage by circumstances beyond Sellerís control, or improper any non-Seller operation, maintenance or storage, or to other than normal use or service. Unless specifically covered in a Standard Warranty, the foregoing warranties do not cover reimbursement for labor, transportation, removal, installation, temporary power, or any other expenses that may be incurred in connection with repair or replacement. THESE WARRANTIES, CONDITIONS, AND EXCLUSIONS ARE EXCLUSIVE AND IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, CONDITIONS, REPRESENTATIONS AND GUARANTEES (EXCEPT WARRANTIES OF TITLE), INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED, TO IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, MERCHANTABLE QUALITY, AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. EXCEPT AS MAY BE PROVIDED IN WRITING BY SELLER, SELLER SHALL NOT BE SUBJECT TO ANY OTHER OBLIGATIONS OR LIABILITIES WHATSOEVER THAN AS STATED ABOVE WITH REGARD TO PRODUCTS AND SERVICES SOLD BY SELLER TO PURCHASER. NonSeller Products or Services: With respect to Products not manufactured by Seller, or Services provided by non-Seller providers, the warranty obligations of Seller shall in all respects conform and be limited to the warranty actually extended to Seller by such non-Seller supplier.

12. Return of Products. No Products may be returned without first obtaining Sellerís written permission and a returned material identification tag. Returned Products must be of current manufacture, in the original packaging, unused, undamaged and in saleable condition. Returned Products must be securely packed to reach Seller without damage and labeled with the return authorization number. For any returns, Seller will be pay the carrier and deduct the freight charges from the credit unless if returns result from Seller error, freight charges will be paid by Seller. Any cost incurred by Seller to put Products in first class condition will be charged to the Purchaser. Returns must originate from the original Purchaser account number. Returns will be credited at the original price paid as indicated on the invoice or Purchase Order associated to the Products being returned as provided by the Purchaser. If no invoice number or Purchase Order number is provided, then credit will be issued based on the into stock price in effect 12 months prior to date of return authorization and will also have an additional 25% processing fee applied. Seller Products, which are listed in the current product list as returnable and which are accepted for credit, not involving a Seller error, shall be assessed a restocking fee of 25% of the invoice price.

13. Intellectual Property. Seller retains ownership of all right, title and interest (including copyright and patent rights) in and to the intellectual property relating to Products and Services and work product relating to thereto, including, but not limited to, documentation, prints, and drawings. Nothing in these Conditions of Sale constitutes a transfer or conveyance of any right, title or interest in such intellectual property, including without limitation any software or firmware contained in those, except the limited right to use it as provided in the documentation. As to Products proposed and furnished by Seller, Seller shall defend any suit or proceeding brought against Purchaser so far as based on a claim that such Products constitute an infringement of any copyright, trademark or patent in the United States or Canada. This obligation shall be effective only if Purchaser shall have made all payments then due hereunder and if Seller is notified promptly in writing and given authority, information, and assistance at Sellerís expense for the defense of the same. In the event the use of such Products by Purchaser is enjoined in such a suit, Seller shall, at its expense, and at its sole option, either (a) procure for the Purchaser the right to continue using such Products, (b) modify such Products to render them non-infringing, or (c) replace such Products with non-infringing Products. Seller will not be responsible for any compromise or settlement made without its written consent. The foregoing states the entire liability of Seller for patent, trademark or copyright infringement, and in no event shall Seller be liable if any infringement charge is based on the use of Seller Products for a purpose other than that for which it was sold by Seller. As to any Products or Services furnished by Seller to Purchaser and manufactured or provided in accordance with designs proposed by Purchaser, the Purchaser shall indemnify Seller against any award made against Seller for patent, trademark, or copyright infringements.

14. Software. Any software or computer information, in whatever form that is provided with Products manufactured by Seller or as part of Services, is licensed to Purchaser solely pursuant to standard licenses of Seller or its supplier of such software or computer information which licenses are hereby incorporated by reference and are available upon request. Seller does not warrant that such software or computer information will operate error-free or without interruption, and warrants only that during the warranty period applicable to the Products that the software will perform its essential functions. If such software or computer information fails to conform to such warranty, Seller will, at its option, provide an update to correct the non-conformance or replace the software or computer information with the latest available version containing a correction. Seller shall have no other obligation to provide updates or revisions.


16. Insurance. Seller shall maintain reasonable insurance coverage (e.g., commercial general liability, workerís compensation, automobile) in such amounts as Seller deems appropriate in accordance with industry practice. Certificate of insurance evidencing this may be provided on request

17. Import and Export. Purchaser agrees that all Products and Services require proper compliance with import and export laws and administrative requirements including the payment of all associated duties, taxes and fees.

18. Health and Safety Compliance. Seller employees shall not perform Services that, in their sole opinion, are not free of reasonably foreseeable harm. This includes working on any equipment, whether provided by Seller, Purchaser or otherwise, that in such Seller employeesí sole opinion has not been placed in an electrically safe working condition. Purchaser warrants that site and working conditions shall meet or exceed those specified by applicable Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations. Purchaser shall inform Seller of: (a) Known hazards, or reasonably foreseeable hazards, that are related to Sellerís scope of Services and the site where the Services will be performed; and (b) Information about the worksite necessary to identify hazards and assess risk for the protection of the health and safety of Seller personnel. This information might include, but is not limited to: (i) Providing an accurate up-to-date single line diagram of the electrical distribution system; (ii) Providing relevant Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) information such as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and floor plans indicating areas where hazardous materials are located and emergency exits for service rooms and other areas of operation; and (iii) Other site specific information relative to the Purchaserís operation, process and safety systems. Any hazardous materials requiring remediation in Sellerís sole opinion will be separately chargeable to Purchaser and will be a condition precedent to Sellerís performance of such Services.

19. Witness of Tests & Factory Inspections. Normal production schedules do not provide the opportunity for Purchaser to witness routine factory tests on Products or make factory inspections. Witnessing of tests or factory inspections by the Purchaser may result in delays of production for which Seller will not be responsible and which may result in additional charges and delayed scheduling to Purchaser. Witness testing and factory inspections must be requested at time of quotation, are subject to additional costs and must be confirmed at Purchase Order entry. Standard Seller factory testing and inspection will apply. Seller will notify Purchaser fourteen (14) calendar days prior to scheduled witness testing or inspection. In the event Purchaser is unable to attend, the Parties may mutually agree on a rescheduled date. However, Seller, at its sole option, may consider the witness tests or inspection waived, and ship and invoice the Products and the witness testing charges. Purchaser will be responsible for paying for all scheduled witness testing, whether or not Purchaser attends.

20. Patterns and Tools. Notice will be given if special patterns or tools are required to complete any Purchase Order. Charges for such patterns or tools do not convey title thereto or the right to remove them from Sellerís plant. If patterns or tools are not used for a period of two years, Seller shall have the right to scrap them without notice.

21. Nuclear Applications. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by a duly authorized representative of Seller, Products sold hereunder are not intended for use in or in connection with any nuclear facility or activity. Purchaser hereby represents and warrants that such Products shall not be used in or in connection with any nuclear facility or activity. If so used, Seller disclaims all liability for any damage, injury or contamination; and Purchaser agrees and indemnifies Seller against any such liability, whether arising as a result of breach of contract, warranty or tort (including negligence) or otherwise.

22. Nature of Relationship. Purchaser agrees that Seller is an independent contractor and nothing in these Conditions of Sale creates between Seller and Purchaser a relationship of partners, joint venturers, or agents of each other, and no Party may so represent itself any of these manners.

23. Termination. Any Purchase Order may be terminated by the Purchaser only upon 30 daysí notice to Seller and upon payment of reasonable and proper termination charges based on the price of the terminated Purchase Order and reimbursement of all costs and expenses associated with the order caused by such termination and shall include a reasonable profit. Special or custom ordered Products is not cancelable after final acceptance or approval of drawings for the commencement of manufacturing.

24. Cancellation. Seller shall have the right to cancel any Purchase Order at any time by written notice for any material breach of these Conditions of Sale by the Purchaser, including material delays by Purchaser or its authorized representatives in releasing Products for manufacture or approval drawings and excessive changes to specifications or drawings.

25. Amendments. No amendment, supplement, modification, waiver or termination of the Purchase Order or these Conditions of Sale is binding unless executed in writing by both parties.

26. Applicable Laws. All matters arising out of or relating to the execution, construction, interpretation or breach thereof, are to be governed by the laws of the state of New Jersey, excluding (i) such jurisdictionís rules regarding conflicts of laws, and (ii) the provisions of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. Seller agrees to bring any action claims or legal proceedings in any way pertaining to this Purchase Order, or the execution, construction, interpretation or breach thereof in the courts of the jurisdiction specified above and in no other court or tribunal whatsoever. No action, regardless of form, arising out of transactions relating to this contract, may be brought by either party more than two (2) years after the cause of action has accrued.

27. Indemnity. Each party shall indemnify and hold the other party harmless from loss, damage, liability or expense resulting from damage to personal property of a third party, or injuries, including death, to third parties to the extent caused by a negligent act or omission of the party providing indemnification or a partyís subcontractors, agents or employees during performance of services hereunder. Such indemnification shall be reduced to the extent damage or injuries are attributable to others. The indemnifying party shall defend the other party in accordance with and to the extent of the above indemnification, provided that the indemnifying party is: (i) promptly notified by the other party, in writing, of any claims, demands or suits for such damages or injuries; (ii) given all reasonable information and assistance by the other party; (iii) given full control over any resulting negotiation, arbitration or litigation, including the right to choose counsel and settle claims, or the indemnifying partyís obligations herein shall be deemed waived.